The time of Oud is not the time of men. It's the time of Nature connecting generations through the legacy of an invaluable treasure, it's a time that naturally inspires immense gratitude and sacred respect.

Since the 16th century we have developed and led Oud production to where we are today as world leaders in the industry.

Jalali Agarwood began in the 16th Century by the people of Sylhet to plant Aquilaria trees specifically for Oud production. With this foresight, successive generations have improved their methods to build a community who respect and value the traditions of this ancient craft.


Muslah Uddin Akhond,

Our organisation is now headed by Muslah Uddin Akhond who joined the family business in 2016. In his own words he is keen to explore new methods in plantation management and development, introducing sustainable and contemporary arboriculture to the industry.


Damien Schvartz,

Muslah is joined by childhood friend Damien Schvartz, a connoisseur of Oud and Sylheti traditions. Damien deals with the management and development of the company, ensuring its positive growth around the world.