The time of Oud is not the time of men. It's the time of Nature connecting generations through the legacy of an invaluable treasure, it's a time that naturally inspires immense gratitude and sacred respect.

The timeless tradition of Oud has been with us for generations, now we present it to you…

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The region of Sylhet, on the border of Bangladesh and India, has been long revered for its amazing Agarwood trees. Mystical and potent, their resin has intoxicated travellers from the Subcontinent and Middle East for millennia.

Over more than 400 years, the Jalali Family have refined the cultivation and distillation processes of Oud to become the world leader in its production today. From the forests of Sylhet to the plantations, we have developed a true brand of excellence and of the finest quality.

A modern approach to an enduring legacy of more than 600,000 trees