The Finest Oud Wood In the World

At Jalali Agarwood we are home to the finest Oud Wood available in the world. The Oud we produce is totally unique and prized across the world. In particular we have some items of exceptional quality and history. This is their story.

Longla’s Crown

The Eastern Sylhet region, on the border of Tripura, is dotted with many wooded hills that form the magnificent Longla Range. An area of outstanding natural beauty, it is famous for it’s exceptional Agarwood trees.

The hills around Longla are steeped in history, which according to tradition were particularly appreciated by the Emperor Akbar. It is said that during a military campaign in the region Akbar and his army set up camp at the foot of the hills. In the evening, the wind blew and Akbar felt that he was enveloped by a magical scent.

As he questioned his servants about the origin of the wonderful smell, a local resident was brought before him. He told the Emperor that it came from a nearby hill covered in Agarwood trees, called ‘Sugandhayukta Paleâhâra’, the fragrant hill. Akbar responded at the time by saying she deserved to be called ‘The Queen of the Hills’.

The ‘Crowns of Longla’ are made up of this Agarwood that enchanted the Emperor so much. It is comprised of 3 pieces which vaguely evoke a crown, each in the form of a base bristling with peaks. Coming from an ancient tree never touched by human hands, the Oud resin has developed completely naturally in a potent and unique way. The entire process has taken decades, resulting in an Agarwood tree of stunning natural quality.

The Kash

Kash is the traditional name given to a very particular type of Agarwood. The process that leads to the formation of Agarwood is highly complex but the longer the process, the higher the quality of the Agarwood.

Finding Kash is often accidental, but it typically occurs in trees of at least 100 years in age. These trees will mostly have experienced short and very intense periods of Agarwood formation, interspersed by long periods of inactivity. As a result the tree will have a very deep relationship with the fungus which begins the Oud resin process.

Kash is characterised by being dry, as if it were petrified, surprisingly flat as if it has been compressed. The parts obtained are mostly small in size but very slowly and intensely. The fragrance from Kash is tenacious, sweet and assertive. ‘The Kash’ is a truly rare piece of Oud wood which stands out not only for its quality but also its exceptional size in this category.

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