The Oud Worthy Of Kings

For the very finest quality Oud in the world we showcase Oud Rajarha from Jalali Agarwood. You can view our latest promo video to experience why this is classed as an ‘Oud Worthy Of Kings’.

There are many pretenders to the crown, but Oud Rajarha is the finest quality, purest Oud available in the world today. Produced from only the best Agarwood trees in Sylhet it is developed meticulously to absolute perfection.

Only Master Distillers with decades of experience can hope to capture the true essence of Oud Rajarha. From start to finish this is a process entirely handmade by expert craftsmen.

For true lovers of Oud this is a product without comparison. We invite you to marvel at this newest addition to the Jalali Agarwood family, soon to be available for order.

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