Oud Choron 10ml


Choron is the traditional name designated to one of the rarest and most precious essences in the world of oud.


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Formerly the preserve of monarchs, Choron is the quintessential oud oil. The raw material used in Oud Choron that which is extremely rare, kalagas, or the black tree.

Completely black, saturated with highly scented resin, these nuggets are only found on the oldest trees, often more than a hundred years old.

Only the most skilled craftsmen can work with finest material to adapt to it, respecting its character and allowing it to develop into Choron. Each distillation thusly gives rise to a unique oil which vibrates the soul of the tree.

An olfactory work of art, with a great purity and depth, Oud Choron soothes the mind, and offers a spiritual dimension.

Jalali Agarwood produce only a few tolas per year of this exceptional oil.

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