It Takes Centuries To Perfect The Art Of Real Oud Production

The Ritual

It is necessary to wait 20-25 years before work can begin on the Agarwood tree, and then another 15 years before we can harvest the Oud.

From virgin seedlings to the plantations, our Agarwood is grown with care and devotion, ensuring the finest character Oud in the world today.

In various Eastern cultures, Oud holds a place of significance for religious and cultural reasons. From ancient India to the Gulf, travellers from far and wide have believed in the powerful properties of Sylheti Oud.

Jalali Agarwood is characterised by its bold and rare oils that give an authentic breath into the world of Oud. Preserving its traditional aspect and selecting only the finest raw materials, Jalali Agarwood guarantees a range of luxurious and refined oils.

Historically, it is the desire to preserve the authentic and unique that drives us to a refined clientele, lover of beautiful materials and luxurious oils. This constant search for elegance and refinement, nobility and purity, is the promise of a unique experience.

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