Jalali Agarwood at the Chopard launch in Cannes

Jalali Agarwood were proud to be part of the launch of Chopard’s new perfumerie collection at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes. The luxury perfumer launched their exclusive Gardens of the Kings collection using our highest quality Oud Assafi.

Crafted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the collection of four fragrances is filled with a sublime blend of emotion, seduction and mystery. The sophisticated aroma of our Oud is the vital ingredient in developing Chopard’s unique collection which has garnered a great deal of attention not only because of its beautiful scents, but also the way its ingredients have been sourced sustainably.

“We inherited this Earth and this Nature,” says Chopard’s co-president Caroline Scheufele. “We feel deeply responsible for taking care of them for future generations.”

Jalali Agarwood in Cannes

This is a great vindication for Jalali Agarwood’s commitment to creating a sustainable and ecologically friendly product of the very highest quality, unmatched by anywhere else in the world. Our care and devotion to our craft is unrivalled as we aim to further develop our core Oud products and bring them to a wider audience.

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