The Gift of Kings, Kala Maal

Oud is a mystical and spiritual substance, and one of the most exceptional examples of it is the Kala Maal. Since ancient times the people of the Sylhet Mountains, the Khasia and Manipuri, have revered and treasured the Kala Maal.

Forged from the Agarwood tree, Kala Maal symbolises the power and splendour of the forest, the mountains and the spirit of Sylhet. There have been many forms of Kala Maal throughout history, some even resembling animals or birds. Each piece is unique and thought of as a receptacle for a powerful spirit of the forest or mountains.

Standing in the presence of Kala Maal examples you can feel the imposing, raw beauty and strength of it. In the past it has been surrounded with ritual and prayer, today this continues in some form or another.

Known as the ‘Pearl of Agarwood’, Kala Maal pieces are a true icon of nature’s superiority, a sign of deep complexity and precious quality.

At Jalali Agarwood we are the current holders of some of the finest examples of Kala Maal anywhere in the world. Our collection encompasses some priceless, legendary items, steeped in history and awe-inspiring. These are the pieces which motivate us everyday to work harder and more authentically in producing our purest Oud products.

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