Pure Oud wood chips

From Forest to Fragrance, the Journey of Oud

In order to create one of the most desirable ingredients in the world, Jalali Agarwood follow a process which has been passed down through the generations.

The natural process of formulating Oud lasts for several decades. Time is the key element to producing Oud and we pride ourselves on our patience and attention to detail throughout the years. To achieve the highest quality Oud from plantation wood, we only use trees which are more than thirty years old. After this, we wait a further ten years before harvesting the softwood.

As a result, each generation bears the fruits of labour from the previous generation and so on. Everyone at Jalali Agarwood feels a deep sense of respect and gratitude towards the ancestors as well as a sense of duty to those to come.

We are also committed to the preservation of our natural heritage, the Agarwood trees and surrounding forest. All care must be taken to ensure longevity and sustainability to the ecosystem.

The next step is to develop the oil, which also takes time and keen preparation. We begin with single handedly cleaning each individual piece of wood. It is crucial to separate the white wood from the black wood at this stage. The black wood is saturated with aromatic resin and is submerged into water for a month.

After a month of resting the black wood, the distillation process begins; this is where the wood is left to drip for around ten days. This is then harvested by our Master Distiller who uses the traditional Sylethi method. The final step is to allow the product to dry for three weeks in the sun.

The Oud oil is finally ready! However, just like a fine wine the oil improves with age and all the aromas and complexities of the fragrance continue to develop through the years.

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