Oud oil facts

Facts You Didn’t Know About Agarwood Oud

Oud perfumes have become incredibly popular over the past few decades, and it is considered a fragrance that has been here to stay for a long time. After all, the history of Agarwood Oud oil and scent is centuries old, meaning this woody and smoky fragrance has always been there and among us.

While Oud essential oils have many uses, it is, without a doubt, best used as a fragrance and perfume. However, today, Oud-based perfumes have become the epitome of luxury.

What is Oud?

Oud oil comes from certain types of Agarwood trees (Aquilaria species). It is actually a type of aromatic resin that appears when a healthy tree is infected with mould. So, when a fungus called Phialophora parasitica creeps into healthy Agarwood, the chemical reaction results in this perfumed resin.

Ancient Origins

Oud resin has been used for thousands of years for many purposes. The fragrance is said to have therapeutic and spiritual benefits, as well as skincare benefits.

Oud also appears in the Indian Vedas, an old manuscript of humanity, as well as appearing in the Bible. It is equally represented in Buddhism and Islamic culture and has different uses in both.

Today, Oud is as equally represented throughout the Middle East and Asia as it was a long time ago. It is used in perfumed bathwater or as incense used to impregnate clothes and hair.

The Rarest Ingredient

The Oud extraction process explains why Oud is expensive, costing several thousands of pounds per 10ml bottle. Searching for Oud resin reminds of a treasure hunt. While there are around twenty different species of Aquilaria, only two or three types can produce Oud.

When infected, a tree would need about 6 months to create a fragrant resin. But not all trees from those varieties will become infected with the fungus. So, one tree out of a hundred will become a source of this magnificent fragrance, making Oud a scarce ingredient.

What Does Oud Smell Like?

Oud gives off an unmistakable woody and resinous note that reminds a bit of sandalwood. However, it has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ which makes it smell raw and almost erotic to a point. Many argue that the secret of Oud is the underlying earthy smell, hard to mimic when Oud is composed in the laboratory. Good quality Oud always has a warm tone to it, and sometimes even a hidden sweetness.

Psychoactive Properties

The Agarwood tree has specific psychoactive properties, and so does Agarwood Oud oil. Without being too aggressive, Oud oil can be used to relieve stress. Allegedly, you can infuse harmony into your home if you use an Oud-based incense.

Removes Bad Energy

Oud oil has a long history, and most of it is interwoven with Southeast Asian religions. Muslims have a strong connection with Oud as it is believed that it offers spiritual benefits. Oud incense was used during prayer and meditation in almost all religions. This is why it is said that Oud fragrance eliminates negative energy and bad ‘mojo’ in your life, whether you use it in your home or office.

With over four centuries of experience in Oud cultivation and distillation, the Jalali Family is one of the leading Agarwood and products suppliers in the world. Yet, much like Oud itself, our expertise and knowledge of Oud cultivation is hard to match.

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