How much does Oud cost?

How much does Oud cost?

Oud has been a valuable commodity for many centuries. Commonly known as ‘Black Gold’ it is highly sought after across Asia and used in many ways from burning incense to oil and resin. As knowledge and use of Oud spreads to the West it only further boosts its value.

Why is Oud so expensive?

Oud is a naturally derived substance taken from the Agarwood tree. Through lack of care and bad practice, many areas of the world now face a shortage of Agarwood and this has led to inferior quality resin. As commercial farming tries to meet demand, the quality of Oud has decreased. However, true quality Oud from sources such as our plantations in Sylhet have retained their prestige.

The process of Oud formation and distillation is also a long and complicated one. Agarwood trees must be given time to grow and develop, often taking many decades. In addition to this, even once resin is formed it must be carefully distilled and curated by hand.

Our Master distillers are true craftsmen who have honed their skills over many generations. This process cannot be rushed and the cost of Oud is indicative of the huge resource of time and knowledge which goes into each drop.

What is the price of Oud?

For a real understanding of the price of Oud you also need to understand its role in society, such as in the Gulf. Oud is prevalent throughout the Middle East and forms a big part of its culture. Oud can be given as a gift, used to scent the home, used in religious settings, and also for medicinal or therapeutic reasons.

As the economies of the Gulf and Asia have developed and increased, they have only further pushed the price per kg of Oud. For most people it is common knowledge that pure quality Oud is worth more than gold. Combined with an ultra-luxury status and use in the most exclusive fragrances from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chopard and Mizensir, it is easy to see why Oud is so expensive.

Oud by Jalali Agarwood

The entire cultivation and development of Oud products at Jalali Agarwood is a tradition we hold close to our hearts. It is our entire passion, something which fills our every waking moments. From the nurturing of Agarwood trees in our plantations, to pouring the finest Oud into our crystal bottles, we live and breathe Oud.

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