Mizensir Oud

The Joy of Working with Alberto Morillas and Mizensir

For many Alberto Morillas is the greatest perfumer in the world today. With an illustrious portfolio of scents attributed to him such as CK One and Goldea for Bulgari, he has worked with some of the most prestigious, luxury brands. As a master perfumer he honed his skills during his time working at Firmenich and has since set up Mizensir who produce scented candles and fragrances.

For us at Jalali Agarwood it was simply an honour and privilege for Mr Morillas to use Oud sourced from our plantation in his Golden Oud creation. For Alberto Morillas to use our product is a validation of our commitment to excellence. The vital ingredient is Oud AssafiĀ®, the purest essential oil there is, bringing a smoky and rich quality to the senses.

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