Our Partnership with Firmenich of Switzerland

Firmenich are known as the worlds largest privately owned fragrance and taste company. At Jalali Agarwood we were honoured when were approached to supply them with our very best quality Oud.

As a long-term commitment to responsible sourcing of Naturals, Firmenich only partner with the very best naturals producers.

“Through our partnership with Jalali we are joining our legacies to preserve oud for generations to come, and create the highest qualities of oud oils for our customers. Some of the oud varieties nurtured by Jalali are more than 100 years old. Being a family company with a 120 year legacy, this means a lot to us.” said Gilbert Ghostine, Firmenich CEO.

The opportunity to work alongside Firmenich has given us great inspiration and appreciation for the development of responsibly-sourced oud. For every tree we use for oud production, another 20 are planted for future generations.

At Jalali we believe wholeheartedly in sustainable, ethical and traceable production. The process from tree to Oud oil takes generations so at each step we want to ensure quality and an unmatched desire to preserve this natural resource.

By partnering alongside companies such as Firmenich we also have further expanded our knowledge of natural products from around world, and how they are grown. As Jalali move into the new generation of growers we hope to combine world-class techniques with our time honoured traditions.

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