What is Premium Oud and why is it so expensive?

Premium Oud from Jalali Agarwood

Woody scents tend to be identified by their aromatic or citrus head notes, and tend to be linked to connotations of elegance and masculinity. Oud is one of the most expensive wood scents in the world  that exudes elegance and luxury; but from £1,400 for 10ml of Oud oil, what makes it so expensive?

Made from the tropical Agar tree typically found growing naturally in the Middle East, this scent is created from one of the most expensive timbers in the world with the global market reportedly being worth £5 billion.

What is Oud?

In order to create a premium Oud, the tropical Agar tree (which is thought to originate from Sylhet, Bangladesh) becomes infected by a mould. This mould is called phialophora parasitica. Once the Agar tree becomes infected, the tree produces a dark, dense, fragrant resin in order to defend itself. This resin which is produced becomes immersed into the tree and this is the source of the luxury fragrance Oud.

How Is Oud Made?

Once an Agar tree is infected by phialophora parasitica, the tree produces a resin to protect itself from harm. This resin is either extracted from the wood using distillation or by melting the resin. 

Research suggests that only 1 in 10 wild Agar trees will have an infected heartwood, making Oud or ‘Oudh’ one of the most expensive scents in the essential oil market.

At Jalali Agarwood, our distillers are among the best in the world. Once the altered parts of the tree are obtained they are crushed and soaked in water. The mixture is then put into large wooden stills where they remain for approximately 9 days, heated by a fire constantly monitored and fed. After this, the remaining oil is steadily accumulated drip by drip before being separated traditionally by hand thus creating some of the most premium Oud available.

Take a look at this video for an in-depth look at how the deep woody fragrance is made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8PYx5AVee8

How Much Does Premium Oud Cost?

The region of Sylhet, on the border of Bangladesh and India, has been long revered for its amazing Agarwood trees. Mystical and potent, their resin has intoxicated travellers from the Subcontinent and Middle East for millennia.

Over the course of more than 400 years, the Jalali Family have been able to refine the cultivation and distillation processes of Oud and have been able to become the world leader in its production today. From the forests of Sylhet to the plantations, Jalai Agarwoord have been able to develop a true brand of excellence, luxury and masculinity of the finest quality.

Jalali Agarwood have a precise selection of premium Oud available for fragrance enthusiasts to choose from here: https://www.jalaliagarwood.com/shop/

At Jalali Agarwood, our prices start from $1,450 with our Oud Jalali also known as the hallmark of nobility and elegance which is great for those who love woody, sophisticated scents. Our most expensive and premium Oud increases in price to $10,000. The Oud Rajarha is the most exclusive form of Oud available in the world and Jalali Agarwood are proud and honoured to be able to provide such high quality products to our customers.

Where Can I Buy Oud?

Whilst you can buy premium Oud at a range of fragrance companies, Jalali Agarwood offers the highest quality and most exclusive forms of premium Oud available in the world. You can shop for our range of Oud products here: https://www.jalaliagarwood.com/shop/

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