Is Agarwood an essential oil?

Is Agarwood Oud Oil An Essential Oil?

What is Agarwood Oud Oil?

Agarwood Oud Oil is created from the resin from a particular species of the Aquilaria tree which grows in places such as Bangladesh, Eastern India, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After the Agar tree is infected by phialophora parasitica, the tree then produces a dark, fragrant resin. Once this dense, golden resin is distilled into an essential oil, Agarwood Oud Oil is created. 

This high-value essential oil is rare to acquire in its purest form. This is why Agarwood Oud Oil is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’. Aquilaria trees are now considered to be critically endangered making Agarwood Oud Oil even more scarce. Even for surviving trees, it is estimated that only 2% of wild Aquilaria trees are infected to produce Agarwood naturally.

Is Agarwood Oud Oil an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are typically compounds that are extracted from plants. Due to the fact that Agarwood Oud Oil is extracted from rare trees, this means that the simple answer to the question ‘Is Agarwood Oud Oil an essential oil?’ is yes.

Agarwood Oud Oil is an essential oil.

Essential oils such as Agarwood Oud Oil are usually obtained through the process of distillation via steam and/or water. Mechanical methods such as cold pressing are also an alternative. If any ‘essential oils’ are obtained through chemical processes, these cannot be considered true essential oils.

True essential oils capture the plant’s scent and flavour or in other words, capture the plant’s true essence. Unique aromatic compounds tend to give oils their characteristic essence. This explains why Agarwood Oud Oil has a strong, woody smell that is rich in nuances ranging from sweet to earthy.

Uses and Benefits of Agarwood Oud Oil

Agarwood Oud Oil can be used in multiple ways.

Pure Agarwood Oud Oil can be used directly on the skin with a carrier oil, sprayed onto the body and/or clothes as a perfume, however the essential oil can also be used in diffusers or incense. 

Agarwood Oud Oil can be used with burners, diffusers and vapourisers. Simply add drops, diffuse and inhale. This method can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Using Agarwood Oud Oil with Jojoba or Coconut oil on the skin is said to be able to help with pain relief. For indigestion, the Agarwood Oud Oil can be diluted and applied on the stomach and for a facial cleanser, 2-3 drops of the essential oil can be added to usual facial products to improve skin tone and complexion.

Most essential oils come with a number of health benefits. Research suggests there is an extensive list of health and well-being benefits linked to Agarwood Oud Oil.

Agarwood has been heard to be considered as ‘wood of the Gods.’ Natural Agarwood Oud Oil has a luxury, rich aroma that has been used in rituals in many religions. The natural scent of Agarwood Oud Oil is used in practices such as meditation and yoga as it is believed to have relaxing qualities that disperses negative energy.

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