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What Does Agarwood Oud Oil Smell Like?

What Is Agarwood Oud Oil?

Agarwood Oud Oil is a key ingredient in Arabic perfumery. The Oud Oil is created from the resin of the Agar tree once it has been infected by a particular type of bacteria. Once the phialophora parasitica infects the Agar tree, a dark, golden, fragrant resin is then produced. This resin is then distilled into an essential oil known as Agarwood Oud Oil. 

At Jalali Agarwood, our distillers are among the best in the world. Once the altered parts of the tree are obtained they are crushed and soaked in water. The mixture is then put into large wooden stills where they remain for approximately 9 days, heated by a fire constantly monitored and fed. After this, the remaining oil is steadily accumulated drip by drip before being separated traditionally by hand thus creating some of the most premium Oud available.

What Does Agarwood Oud Oil Smell Like?

Due to the fact that it takes a long time to produce agarwood, Agarwood Oud Oil is a rare and expensive oil. Agarwood Oud Oil tends to be a key ingredient in Middle Eastern and Asian fragrances.

The aroma of natural Agarwood Oud Oil is a distinctive mixture of bitter sweetness and woody, earthy nuances. As Aquilaria trees tend to grow in Asian countries, the scent of Agarwood Oud Oil tends to be quite exotic.

The scent of Agarwood Oud Oil is known to be incredibly potent and powerful and has been said to be alluring. At Jalali Agarwood we suggest that Agarwood Oud Oil is perfect for evenings and special occasions. Due to the alluring, sensual tones of the scent, Agarwood Oud Oil should be used in small quantities.

Agarwood Oud Oil is becoming rarer by the year as aquilaria trees are now considered to be critically endangered thus making Agarwood Oud Oil even more scarce. Some manufacturers have turned to synthetic oud as a response to this issue. Although some alternatives work well, many scents that use synthetic oud smell more plain, woody and leathery omitting the warm, balsamic qualities.

Why You Should Use Agarwood Oud Oil

Although Agarwood Oud Oil has a number of great qualities, the scent is it’s most compelling factor. Fragrances that use Agarwood Oud Oil tend to have great longevity. Agarwood-based scents tend to last a long time leaving you with a beautiful lingering scent.

As well as its rich, decadent scent, Agarwood Oud Oil is known for its stress reducing qualities. Agarwood Oud Oil has plenty of ties to helping with health and wellbeing. Research suggests that Oud Oil can be used to help with symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis, strengthening the mind, the body and finding inner peace.

Writing about the scent of Agarwood Oud Oil does not do the oil justice. To truly get an understanding of the odorous essential oil, take a look at our range of Jalali Agarwood Oud Oils using the link here https://www.jalaliagarwood.com/shop/.

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