Benefits of Oud oil in Skincare

Benefits of Oud Oil in Skincare

As one of the most popular and expensive commodities, Oud oil represents a pure luxury fragrance. However, with the rise of ‘niche perfumes’, Agarwood Oud oil has taken luxury perfumes to a whole different level.

With a unique but very powerful woody scent, in addition to a mesmerising sweet tinge, Oud oil has conquered the perfume industry, rightfully earning the title of ‘liquid gold’. Today, due to its popularity and use throughout history, Oud is also being more frequently used in the skincare industry, increasing the production of Oud-based skincare products.

Origins of Oud Essential Oils

With as many as 30 varieties of Oud trees scattered across India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia, it is safe to say that South-East Asia is the motherland of this incredible fragrance. It comes from an aromatic resin that appears when Aquilaria or Agarwood trees become transformed by a special mould. Still, only a few Agarwood trees will contain this resin, which makes Oud rare and quite expensive.

5 Benefits of Oud Oil in the Beauty Industry

Is Oud Oil good for your skin? Definitely! And in more ways than just making it smell divine. Take a look at the real benefits of using Oud oil for skin:


Oud oil has the ability to seal in moisture, thus hydrating the skin. This property is very beneficial for those with dry skin conditions by adding a layer to the skin to protect it from environmental factors. It rarely appears oily on the skin and is fantastic at restoring the vivacity of the tissue.


In addition to giving a divine and rich scent, Oud oil is packed with powerful antioxidants. This will help regenerate healthy skin cells and alleviate the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Oud-infused cosmetic products can also minimise the stretch marks of the skin and should be applied before bedtime when the natural healing process of the skin begins.


One of the best features of Oud oil is its acid content, giving Agarwood Oud oil incredibly potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Furthermore, it has been shown as a great way to battle any type of fungal or bacterial inflammation. In the skincare and beauty industry, this means that products with Oud oil can reduce acne and pimples and control the overall sebum production. These types of skin ailments can be prevented with Agarwood essential oil soap or body wash.

Collagen Boost

In order to have shiny and elastic skin with a great complexion, the skin has to have a fair share of collagen. Collagen is a protein that is a building block of the skin’s structure. If the collagen fibres are strong, the skin looks healthy and youthful.

However, the problem with collagen, especially among the female population, is that the natural production of collagen decreases. The body begins to lose collagen in the mid-twenties, and the collagen supplements are not quite so effective. As a result, dermatologists worldwide are more inclined to advise their clients to use collagen boosting creams and oils.

Oud oil has proven to be effective in strengthening the collagen fibres but in much deeper layers of skin than any cream could. Paired with a face massage, a generous amount of Oud oil can turn back time and make the skin look luminous and young again. Still, Oud oil is costly and using it as a skincare product would be uneconomical. Creams infused with Oud oil would be a good substitute in this scenario.


Triterpene esters, cinnamic acid, hydrocarbons and phytosterols are magic ingredients to a perfect UV protection, and Oud oil has them all. These components in Agarwood essential oils exist in their most basic forms, which makes using Oud oil in addition to sunscreen lotion a terrific idea. It will do wonders for the skin while protecting it from sunburns at the same time.

Other Benefits of Oud Essential Oil

Besides establishing itself as a prime luxury fragrance and making itself known in the beauty industry, Oud oil has found a role in aromatherapy. Being a warm and deep woody fragrance, it is said that Oud oil application in aromatherapy gives excellent results. Moreover, may users claim Oud has the ability to bring ‘inner peace’ and a sense of calmness to a person.

But with deep spiritual history, this may not be so far-fetched as it seems. Agarwood scent is mentioned in several spiritual texts, and it is also said it was the favourite fragrance of Lord Krishna. In addition, the Buddha teachings mention burning Agarwood is the fragrance of ‘Nirvana’ while Samurai warriors wafted Agarwood smoke around their armour for good luck.

Combing through history books, Agarwood Oud oil has been used to treat many physical and psycho-social issues— arthritic, digestive system health issues, breast cancer, cough, but also restless leg syndrome, restful sleep, memory and focus problems or nausea.

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