Pure Agarwood oud

What is pure Agarwood Oud oil?

Oud is formed from the Agarwood Aquilaria tree which grows naturally in various parts of South East Asia, most notably Syhlet, Bangladesh.

If the Aquilaria tree comes into contact with a special type of fungus its biochemistry changes and it begins to produce a dark resin along the bark which is the substance known as Oud.

Oud has a long and illustrious history of being a highly valuable commodity from the days of the Silk Road to present day.

From the Gulf to Eastern Asia, Oud is known for its highly desirable benefits which include aromatherapy, medicinal qualities and its status symbol as the preserve of the elite.

Along with a hefty price tag, Oud is a symbol of ancient grandeur and even today it is known as ‘black gold’.

In modern perfumery Oud has a growing reputation as one of the most expensive ingredients available to buy.

Pure Agarwood Oud oil is therefore highly prized as a scent which elevates even the most basic perfumes to one of wonder and exotic tastes.

Cheap Oud oil

Just like with any material or specialist ingredient, there are varying degrees of Oud oil.

The most basic forms of Oud are produced in a factory-farmed way.

Synthetic Oud lacks the hallmark depth of Oud and its production is characterised by reduced quality of distillation and nurturing.

Lower quality Oud is therefore cheaper because it has had less time and devotion attributed to it.

The result is an inferior product that relies less on the Ouds inherent properties, and more on time-saving production methods which water down its true character.

Pure Oud oil

At Jalali Agarwood our Master Distillers spend decades on the process of maximising the depth and flavour of our Oud oil.

The extra time spent cultivating Oud means pure Oud oil has a strong, pungent aroma which is unmistakable.

Pure Oud oil retains a smell which is long-lasting, vigorous and deep in texture.

Patrons of Oud can instantly recognise Pure Oud oil as it outlasts cheaper varieties.

Pure Oud wood chips

As well as the oil, Oud wood is also aged to perfection and exhibits signs of maturing in the same way a classic Whisky or Wine may do.

Oud wood chips are typically burned for their distinct smoke and this is directly related to the quality of the wood from which they come.

Natural Agarwood wood chips are identified by their strong symmetrical physical designs, something that is missing from the artificially blank synthetic variations.

Pure Oud wood chips
Pure Agarwood wood chips

Weight and texture

Physical characteristics of Oud (in oil or wood chip form), are essential in defining a Pure grade.

The Pure form of Oud has a weight which signifies a well taken care of tree, as well as one which has soaked up the care and attention it deserves.

It is for this reason our Master Distillers devote their lives to producing a superior product that cannot be rushed to boost quantity.

If you are interested in procuring the highest quality Pure Agarwood Oud then contact our team at Jalali Agarwood to discuss your requirements.

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