About Oud Jalali

Oud Jalali oil has a long and rich history of being appreciated by the nobility of India and the Subcontinent for centuries. It is an oil which has amazed many civilisations, and established itself as the definitive Oud oil.

For many, Oud Jalali has become a myth, considered impossible to find. The artisan method of developing it has meant only a few handful producers around the world can ever hope to recreate its elegance.

Indeed, nowadays nearly all Agarwood producers have modernised their production methods. By innoculating trees with chemicals they hope to harvest Oud oil within 2 years. Unfortunately this results in a low grade Agarwood with very little quality oil. Although the method is fast and cheap, so is the end product.

But the time of Oud is not that of men.

Oud Jalali relies on the Sylheti tradition of using only the maturest trees at least 40-50 years old. These are handpicked to ensure sustainability and carefully nurtured so the oud oil is refined and luxurious.

The complex and rich scent of Oud Jalali, smoky almost like tobacco, with a hint of vanilla is a true revelation. Our master craftsmen devote their entire lives to recreating the ultimate oud experience.

As in the words of master perfumer Alberto Morillas, ‘there is Oud, then there is Oud.’

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