Oud and Agarwood products

The Agarwood Aquilaria tree grows naturally in Sylhet, Bangladesh and for thousands of years has produced some of the best Oud scent in the world. Although Agarwood also grows in other parts of South East Asia, it is the craftsmanship and skill found in Sylhet which makes it something unique.

Agarwood is a hardy plant, filling the lush forests and mountains in Sylhet. The wood itself is pale and odourless, but when it becomes ‘infected’ by a particular mould (Phialophora parasitica) something magical happens. As the tree begins to tackle the infection it darkens in colour and begins to produce a resin which is not only rich in colour but also fragrance.

Oud Oil

The resin which is derived from the Agarwood tree is the basis of Oud oil. Through a complex and pain-staking process of distillation the oil is gathered by hand and stored for use in a variety of applications. Oud Oil can be used in many ways including aromatherapy, medicine, and perfumery.

Oud Jalali

Featuring a rich smoky fragrance, Oud Jalali is a product of decades of cultivation. Almost leathery in flavour, yet also marked with overtones of honey, it truly depicts the exotic nature of Oud.

Oud Choron

A completely black, saturated resin which is formed from trees over a hundred years old. Oud Choron is a true icon of Oud which is totally unique. The extra purity of each bottle offers a spiritual dimension to this scent.

Oud Rajarha

For the most exclusive form of Oud available, Oud Rajarha is the only real option. Based on traditional techniques only recently discovered in the Jalali Family Archives, this blend is like stepping back in time. A truly limited edition product which is already a true collectors item.

Oud Rajarha is the most highly prized Oud Oil in the World

Oud Wood

Oud Wood chips are very commonly used as a form of incense in the Gulf and Asia. Burning Oud Wood releases an evocative and rich aroma which instantly envelops you, transporting your mind and soul to another realm. Oud Wood is very often used in religious and cultural settings to soothe and calm.

The Kash

A dry, petrified form of Oud wood which burns slowly but intensely. The Kash comes from a line of very old Agarwood trees which capture a specific moment in time. The age and grandeur of the trees only adds to its character and appeal.

Longla’s Crown

Named after a region of Sylhet, this Oud Wood is incredibly rare and takes its history from the time of the Emperor Akbar. Not only does this Oud wood chip resemble a crown, but its entire formation is regal and completely prestigious.

The history and tradition of the Oud from Jalali Agarwood is what makes us unique and special. Each batch of Oud Oil or Wood has a story and identity which cannot be recreated elsewhere. Our Oud is developed over time with care and passion, and this is what separates us from the rest.

For the very highest quality Oud and Agarwood products our range at Jalali Agarwood is available to view and purchase here.

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