Underwater Oud wood

Where to Buy Underwater Oud Wood

For thousands of years Oud wood has been a highly prized asset in many cultures. Oud Wood is rich in flavour and fragrance, producing a complex smoke when burnt, filled with calming and relaxing properties. Some people appreciate Oud wood for its amazing texture, others for its character, and others for its seductive attributes.

Oud Wood is created from the bark of the Agarwood tree, saturated with resin and often baked or treated in special conditions. Through treatment of Oud wood you can develop its composition to bring out its hidden qualities. Oud Wood can be acquired as wood chips or stunning individual pieces such as Kala Maal.

How to use Oud Wood

Oud Wood is used by placing it on a burner and heating. By burning the Oud wood chips you release its smoke which is used for various reasons such as for religious or traditional occasions. The smoke from Oud wood depends on the quality of the wood itself but in general is characterised as deep, fragrant and herbal.

Oud wood can also be enjoyed for its aesthetics, such as its stunning weather-worn look or its other worldly texture. For a true connoisseur Oud Wood can be satisfying to look at and enjoy as a centre piece in the home or office. In the Middle East many homes will burn Oud wood chips as a way of greeting respected guests.

Why buy Oud wood chips

Oud Wood chips come in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. The diversity of Oud wood is wondrous, from the smallest of chips to majestic and aged pieces. In many cases Oud wood is very unique, each piece of wood having an individual story and bringing its own charms.

Whatever your reason for buying Oud wood, it is simple and easy in todays age. Ordering Oud Wood online can allow you to acquire some very fine pieces of Oud which normally would never come to market. These dramatic pieces will enliven and enrich any home.

What is Underwater Oud Wood

For a truly special experience Underwater Oud Wood is unmatchable. Whereas normal Oud wood chips are light enough to float in water, Underwater Oud Wood has such concentrations of Oud that it literally sinks in water. The dense configuration of Underwater Oud Wood signifies a richer and more developed form of Oud which is only found in very rare cases.

By burning Underwater Oud Wood you will find yourself immersed in an unforgettable blend of Oud smoke. The beauty of the Oud smoke from such pieces is undeniable and only used for the most special of occasions.

Buy Oud Wood from Jalali Agarwood

At Jalali Agarwood our ancient and historical plantations are filled with sublime forms of Oud Wood. Our Agarwood is naturally occurring and thusly has no chemical or synthetic features. If you are looking to try some of our Underwater Oud Wood then please visit our shop to learn more.

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