Order Oud online

Order Oud Online

If you are looking to order Oud online, and want multi-layered and seductive fragrance then Jalali Agarwood Oud is perfect for you. As one of the most sought after ingredients in the world it has a long and illustrious history stretching from the Far East to the Gulf. Civilisations all over the world have used Oud for spiritual, medical and aristocratic purposes.

As the popularity of Oud grows in the West, with amazing new flavours and perfumes, there is a growing demand to order Oud online. However, with the increase in fashionableness of Oud there is also a tendency for non-authentic forms of Oud oil or Oud wood to appear on the market. As the worlds premier producer of high quality Oud, Jalali Agarwood aim to bring knowledge of authentic Oud to a wider audience.

Why Order Oud Online

Ordering high quality Oud has long been a tricky endeavour. It is hard to get the very best quality Oud online – this is usually the reserve of high profile perfumery companies who use it in their own products. There are many other producers of Oud who sell online but the quality of their product cannot be fully verified. Some of the things to look out for are synthetic forms of Oud oil, and also low concentrates of Oud products.

Ordering Oud online however can also be very fulfilling and convenient. With the simplicity of online ordering, you can now receive stunning forms of Oud wood or Oud oil direct to your door wherever in the world you are. We recommend the first place to check is the Jalali Agarwood online shop.

About Jalali Agarwood

Jalali Agarwood are a producer of Oud with over 6 generations of expertise in the industry. We have worked with a host of large multinational perfumery brands and our Oud is widely considered the best in the world. From our plantations in Sylhet to your bottle we produce intense, powerful aromas of Oud which cannot be found anywhere else.

We believe our Oud is so special because of the history and knowledge of our artisan producers. The Master Distiller at Jalali Agarwood is a revered position and is the difference between a standard grade of Oud and something truly special. As well as the highly skilled artisans we also provide a lot of support to our local community which only further enhances our reputation.

How to order Oud Online

You can order Oud online via our shop where you can find some amazing Oud oil and Oud wood products. If you are looking for ultra-unique forms of Oud our kala maal products are beautiful, intense and will take you to a completely new state of mind. Our Oud oil scents are also unmatched by any other products on the market. From age old recipes to deep, complex tones you will experience something truly magical with our Oud oil.

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