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Why Is Oud Used in High-End Perfumes and Fragrancies?

Known as the ”Liquid Gold”, Oud oil is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious scents. The fragrance of oud, whether it comes from oud oil or other derivates, is a true sign of prestige, and many are prepared to pay over the odds for a bottle of Oud perfume.

The fragrance itself comes from an agar tree infested by fungus, propelling it to create a potent resin to defend itself. It is precisely the resin that is the source of one of the most valuable fragrances globally, famous for its rich scent and almost equally because of its cultural significance in Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and India.

It is precisely in Bangladesh where Jalali Agarwood story began more than 400 years ago, perfecting the art of agarwood cultivation and oud destination techniques for centuries to come.

Why Is Oud Oil So Rare?

Given that only one in ten agar trees will get infected by the fungus, it is safe to say that oud resin is created not by design but by the hands of fate. Therefore, oud manufacturers and expert perfumers searching for premium oud fragrances can only hope to find those trees blessed by this occurrence and carefully extract oud resin from the tree when the time is right. A total of 2 percent of agarwood trees that will produce the rare resin make Oud oil royalty of essential oil market.

Oud in High-End Luxury Perfumes

Back in the 1980s, when boutique hotels were on the rise and brought travellers from around the globe, the world was enriched by a new scent-the scent of Oud. The travellers who wore them were distinguishable by their nobility and luxurious tastes and fluency that made them use, consume and wear the best and the rarest of them all.

The exotic scent of Oud oil soon became a synonym for richness and wealth, and given its many qualities, it became one of the leading ingredients in luxury perfume production. Famous designers of today like Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford recognized the opportunities of reaching high-end clients by launching their own Oud fragrancies.

In perfume composition, Oud is the base note upon which other fragrances are added, enhancing the natural rawness of the oud scent and complimenting the warm tones. Every oud perfume that comes from high-quality oud oil, like Jalali Oud, is a symphony of fragrances and scent notes. The earthy quality of Oud is a true mark of perfect destination process and natural manufacturing order, all the way from Aquilaria trees located from our Sylhet plantation to the drop on the wrist. Natural Oud is distinguishable not only by its scent but by its long-lasting quality (more than six hours). This specific quality is what makes the world’s best perfume experts and manufacturers pursue oud and use it as a base note.

Jalali Oud to Awaken the Senses

The scent of earth, hints of citrus, and something resembling divine is not the only thing that made Oud fragrance stand out in the perfume industry. The symbolism that came with this scent and the cultural meaning of Oud in the Orient makes Oud such an appealing fragrance. The symbolism it carries in Eastern cultures and the way it is woven into the tapestry of history and every aspect of the daily life in the Orient is what makes this it so desirable.

However, to produce the highest-quality oud oil that every perfume manufacturer is after, traditional methods of distilling Oud must be honoured. Preserving traditional values rooted in Oud history is what Jalali Agarwood stands for.

Our Oud destination process is a unique combination of traditional methods, patience, and knowledge we infuse in every drop of our Oud oil. Jalali Agarwood master distillers are adamant in giving agarwood trees time to grow and develop the fragrant resin, even when it takes decades for the process to complete. Resin from Aquilaria tress from our Sylhet plantation in Bangladesh is distilled and curated by hand and with gentleness and respect, only the masters of this trade possess.

The resin-soaked parts of agarwood trees are crushed and soaked, then placed in wooden stills and heated at a constant temperature for approximately nine days. The process of crushing, soaking, and heating makes the fragrance ”explode” and activates the oils rooted in the wood, which is then extracted drop by drop.

Finally, our Master Distillers will separate Oud by hand, forgoing the modern technology and infusing Jalali Oud Oil with knowledge and tradition that gives this fragrance a prestigious status as the most luxurious commodity in the world. 

Patience, knowledge, and mastery in Oud distillation is what makes Jalali Family stand out as the best Agarwood products supplier in the worlds. Perpetuating the tradition of Oud with over four centuries of expertise and creating exceptional agarwood products is the base note of Jalali Agarwood.

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