Introducing Oud Choron

Oud Choron from Jalali Agarwood is the very finest and rarest essence in the world of Oud. Once only the preserve of the most wealthy, today you can buy Oud Choron online from our shop.

The secret to Oud Choron is the raw material – extremely rare wood chips known as ‘kalagas’ or ‘the black tree’.

Completely black in colour, they are saturated with an incomparable resin. These nuggets can only be found on certain matured Agarwood trees, some more than 100 years old.

The distillation process to make Oud Choron is highly complex and only performed by our most experienced master craftsmen. Every step is a labour of love, taking up much time and careful observation.

Only when the master craftsman is happy will the Oud be distilled – and it is something to behold.

As a natural ingredient, our Oud is always developing and each bottle of Oud Choron is individual in its exact flavour and fragrance.

Many Oud connoisseurs appreciate the complexity and rich aroma of each batch as you would for any fine wine.

The nobility and purity of Oud Choron is unmatched anywhere in the world. Due to our production processes and the quality of our trees, the end result is a fantastic symphony for the senses.

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