The Wonder of Oud Rajarha

At Jalali Agarwood, Oud cultivation and production has been in our blood for centuries. For hundreds of years the house of Jalali has been involved in growing Agarwood trees, preparing the wood, tending to the Sylheti forest.

Our craftsmanship has developed throughout the ages and each generation brings its own new techniques and practices. Within our compounds in Sylhet our archives document countless methods and ideas formed around Oud.

Stretching back to more than 350 years of Oud history, we were delighted when we discovered a truly unique text.

Written by one of our forebears, Sayadi Akond of the 3rd generation of Jalali, the ancient book is filled with recipes and instructions for Oud long forgotten to the modern world.

Within the chapters we found the recipe for Oud Rajarha – the Oud Worthy of Kings. The method described in the book for Oud Rajarha is like poetry to the senses.

The master distillers discuss a process which is both expensive and exclusive to the region of Sylhet.

They describe how the best tree in the hills is chosen, a tree of more than 100 years in age.

The tree must be home to a specific variety of caterpillars whose presence guarantee an exceptional quality softwood. Once selected, the tree is carefully pulled away by the combined efforts of man and elephant.

Once the wood is meticulously cleaned, the master distiller works with only the finest parts of the softwood.

The softwood is then turned into a powder using tools long lost to oblivion, before being soaked and distilled.

The whole process is performed obsessively, with every minute devoted to perfection.

Only a master distiller can truly appreciate the focus and attention required at this time, the moment of realisation for hours and hours of hard work.

Oud Rajarha is described as complex and pure, soft and powerful, a masterpiece of Oud. Although it has been forgotten to the sands of time, it still evokes a rich and unique heritage, to a time which has long gone.

For our present generation at Jalali Agarwood, and our current master distillers, the discovery of the book has been like a phoenix rising from the ashes again.

Our intention is to cultivate the science and knowledge in the book as we lead the house of Jalali into another century.

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