The Master Distiller

At Jalali Agarwood we have a long and proud history of Master Distillers who have produced our Oud and made it into an artform.

Unlike modern industrial methods, which seek to increase productivity, we rely on artisan methods for unparalleled quality.

The distillation of Oud is indeed an artistic profession, the legacy of a tradition dating back centuries.

It is said that one doesn’t choose to work in the world of Oud – it is the Oud which chooses you.

The apprenticeship of our current Master Distiller, Hussein, lasted about 30 years.

From early childhood he started with his grandfather Amin Uddin, a representative of the 6th generation of the Jalali House.

He then continued with his father, Nasir Uddin, who passed the title down to his son.

If this apprenticeship is long it is because like Haute Couture perfumery, Oud distillation is synonymous with luxury and high standards.

It is a poetic echo of the past, made up of the most exclusive raw materials selected by the greatest craftsmen.

Distillation of Oud requires a certain obsession – spending long hours to obtain the most luxurious and refined oils, made of elegance, nobility and purity.

The process is so complex it is reserved only for masters of the art.

Everything is done by working with the Oud, bringing out its character and carefully observing it.

The final result is an oil which vibrates the soul of the original Agarwood tree and gives it another form of life.

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